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The Rowing Module

With the Rowing module the school has a time saving online toolkit to plan upcoming race events and wet training sessions well in advance, keeping staff, rowers and parents informed and up-to-date. After the event, race times and performances can be recorded for each boat and crew. The “boathouse” can also be setup for all the boats and sculls in use allowing easy selection of particular boats and crews* for upcoming events. If the school has the Team Training Planner module then dry training sessions can be scheduled and training times recorded as well.

*Note: in order to be able to select crews the School must have Team Sheet Builder.

To get started we recommend first setting up the school's boat house and then adding one or more upcoming events or wet training sessions.  It is also possible to retrospectively add events that have occurred in the past.

Step 1

  • Login to your SOCS control panel.
  • Select the Sports & Teams, Fixtures and Results menu option.
  • Click the Rowing button in the Sports list – highlighted by the red arrow in screen shot 1 below. (Note: if Rowing is not listed then you will need to add Rowing to the list. To do this click the +Add Sport button, then add one team at a particular age level - for instance Boys-U18A).

Multi Event Editor

Step 2Setup your Boathouse

  • Creating all of the boats you have available in your “boat house” is an important first step. All the boats you create will be available for selection when you subsequently setup your race events or wet training sessions.  To setup your boat house click the Setup Boat House button indicated by the red arrow in the screen shot below.

Setup Boat House


  • Once you have created your boats you can continue to setup your race events or wet training sessions.


Step 3Create Race Events or Wet Training Sessions

  • To create a Race Event or Wet Training Session click the +Add a New Event button indicated by the purple arrow in the screen shot above.
  • This will take you to the Event Editor as shown in the screen shot below.
  • Select the Type of event you require, e.g. Race or Wet Training, complete the details and then save.


Add an Event

  • When setting up a race event or wet training session the rowing module comes pre-loaded with all the rowing venue and map locations around the UK.  You can also setup your own map location, if the venue is not listed.


Step 4 - Add boats to Race Events or Wet Training Sessions

  • For each race event or wet training session you create you can add boats from your boathouse and select the crews for each boat. You can also select “adhoc” boats for any event of wet training session that might be on short term hire or on loan. 

Step 5Record the results for each boat

  • Following a race or wet training session you can upload the time achieved for each boat and the place (if a race).