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Editing a Team's Name

When you create your teams, the Team Type, which is the Gender and Age Level combined (e.g. Girls-U18A) is automatically assigned to each Team's Name by default.

If the Girls-U18As are known as the 1stXI or the Boys-U16As are known locally as the U16 Colts then you can allocate these friendly names when you create your teams.

You can also edit any of your teams if you need to change a team's name, the coaches name or captain's name.  To do this follow the steps below:

Step 1. Login to your SOCS control panel.

Step 2. Navigate to the sport and team whose name you wish to edit and click the Team Edit button - shown in the screen shot 1 below.

Step 3. Change the team's name to that of your choosing - see screen shot 2 below and save.

Screen Shot 1 - location of the Team Editor button


Screen Shot 2 - the Team Editor.


  • Once a team is created, the Team Type (Gender and Age Level) cannot be changed
  • There can only be one team per sport at each age level (e.g. you can only have one Boys-U18A football team).
  • If you need to setup an U19 team then proceed to add a new team as normal and select an unused U18 age level.  Then change the Team's Name to U19-Boys or 1st XI etc.
  • When the U19 team is setup:
    • Visitors to your sports website only see the Team's Name (U19-Boys or 1st XI).
    • The U19 team's listing in the SOCS control panel will show both the Team's Name and the Age Level if these are different.