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Adding Pupils to Activities, Clubs and Societies

Once a Main account holder has setup the activities, clubs and societies, pupils can be added by any account holder.

There are two methods for adding pupils to activities: 

  1. Pupils can be added to an individual activity.
  2. Activities can be added to an individual pupil.

Method 1 - Adding Pupils to an Activity

Use this method if staff members leading an activity club want to add one or more pupils to their activity, club or society:

  • Click on “Active Activities” in the left hand menu.
  • Click on the “Edit pupils and staff” button for an activity club. This is the third button that looks like a person.
  • Select a year group and add the pupils to the activity club.

Method 2 Adding Activities to a Pupil

Use this method if staff members in charge of a tutor group, form or house want to assign activities and clubs to an individual pupil.

  • Navigate to a list of pupils via one of the following links in the left hand menu:
    • Pupil & Staff Search – search for the pupil.
    • Houses – click “Pupils” on the relevant house for the pupils.
    • Forms – here you can view all pupils in a Year group, or just the pupils for a specific form.

When you are viewing a list of pupils, click the “Edit” button in the right hand column (see screenshot above). Here you can edit their form and login details, as well as select the activity clubs which they are involved in. Once the activity clubs have been selected for a particular pupil click “Save”.


  1. Adding a pupil to an activity will make that pupil available on any of the event registers for that activity.  When an activity takes place, the master in charge can click the “Event Register” button from the calendar and register the pupil’s attendance. Any pupils who have their attendance left blank (e.g. for an activity that is not compulsory) will not have anything recorded for that event.  In this case it will not be recorded as “Absent” in the attendance reports section.
  2. When taking a register if any pupils have attended an event but have not been added to the activity, they can be added using the button at the bottom of the register.  Once added to an activity the pupil will then be available in the register for all the future activity or club events.

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