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SOCS co-curricular Staff, Pupil and Parent Access to SOCS

1. Staff Access to SOCS co-curricular

  • Click the “SOCS Staff Users” in the left hand menu.
  • This shows a list of users with ticks/crosses indicating the SOCS components each user has access to.  Because you are currently in the Co-Curricular area of SOCS, users which are greyed out do not have access to Co-Curricular, but may have access to other components of SOCS, such as SOCS sport. 
  • To give an existing SOC sport account holder access to SOCS co-curricular, click the edit button for that user and check the “SOCS co-curricular access” box, then set their user type to Main or Normal and click save.
  • To add a new user click the “Add a User” button on the top right of the page, select the staff member from the drop-down, complete the details and then save.
  • Once a user has access to SOCS co-curricular you will see an email button in the user list next to their name.  When clicked this will send the user an email containing their login details.  If the button has a green border then the details have already been sent, if the button has a red border then the details have not been sent.

2. Pupil Access to SOCS

Pupils can be given access to login to their SOCS calendars to view their Co-Curricular and sporting activities.

  • Navigate to a list of pupils via one of the following links in the left hand menu:
    • Pupil & Staff Search – search for the pupil
    • Houses – click “Pupils” on the relevant house for the pupils
    • Forms – here you can view all pupils in a Year group, or just the pupils for a specific form.
  • When you are viewing a list of pupils, you can click the email button for each pupil to send them their login details (see screenshot below).
  • When each pupil logs in for the first time they will have to change their password before they can access their calendar.  Pupils can then add their own academic timetables if they wish.

3. Parent Access to SOCS

Parents can be given access to login to SOCS to see the calendars for their children and the entire school.

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