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SOCS sport - Setting the Fixture Venue

When selecting a fixture venue the following options are available:

  1. tbc
    If you are unsure of the venue for the fixture select the tbc option.
  2. Home @ ...
    Select the Home @ ... option if you are adding a home fixture. This option sets your fixture to Home and your opponent’s fixture to Away. A dropdown box will appear where you can select a home sports venue (providing these have already been plotted on your sports map - see the important note below). You can also add special "one-off" sports venues for particular home fixtures. In this case these will not be added to your main Sports Map.
  3. Away @ ...
    Select the Away @ ... option for away fixtures at your opponent's location. This option sets your fixture to Away and your opponent’s fixture to Home. A dropdown box will appear where you can select a sports venue (providing these have already been plotted on your opponent's sports map). You can also add special one-off sports venues for particular fixtures. These will not be added to your opponent’s main Sports Map.
  4. Neutral
    Select the Neutral option if you are adding a fixture which is being played at a neutral venue (not at either school). This option sets both yours and your opponent’s fixture venue to Neutral. You can then plot a location directly on the map.

Plotting a new location on the map using the fixture editor

  1. For a home or away fixture, select “Plot new map for this fixture” from the map location drop down.  This will open the location search box.  For neutral venues the location search box opens automatically. The map is now editable and clicking on it will add a map marker.
  2. There are two ways of adding the map location for the fixture:
    1. Enter the location title (or postcode for a more accuracy) and click the “Find Locations” button.  This will search for the location and show you a list of results.  Click the correct result and the marker will be added to the map.  If the marker is not in the correct position you can click on the map to move it. If you searched for a postcode it is recommended that you now change the search box text to show a “friendly” location title.
    2. Enter the location title into the “Search for Location”. If you know where the location is on the map you do not need to click the “Find Locations” button and can scroll and zoom around the map to find the venue. Click the location on the map to add the map marker.

Important Notes:

  1. Ensure to add all the locations of your sporting venues and pitches using the Sports Map plotter. Map locations can be added or edited in the Schools Settings > Sports Map section of your SOCS Control Panel. More details can be found online here >>>
  2. New map locations cannot be added via the Block Fixture Editor and Multi Team Sheet Editor (Team Sheet Builder Schools only).  You can select from existing map locations and if a new marker is required for a fixture, the single fixture editor should be used (as described above).
  3.  By using the Match Preview Editor you can also provide more venue details such as driving directions or departure timings. Team Sheet Builder you can also use More Venue/Location Details.
  4.  For schools using Team Sheet Builder, if you are plotting a special or neutral venue, the "Search" phrase used will automatically be transferred to the venue location details field. Once the location has been found you can edit this as required.