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SOCS Co-Curricular: Reports

SOCS Co-Curricular allows users to generate various reports to help manage pupils, staff and activity clubs. To view these reports, follow the instructions below:

1. Login to SOCS Co-Curricular

2. Select ‘Reports’ in the left-hand menu.

3. You will then be able to view several reports which are categorised by Pupil, Staff and Activity Club Reports.


Pupil Reports

1. Daily Clash Report – This report will allow you to view the clashes of activities and fixtures that occur on a specific day. It will show you the details of the pupil involved in the clash. You can then export this to Word or Excel.

2. Daily Unauthorised Absence Report – When a pupil has been marked absent on an activity register, it will automatically create a report so you can see all of the pupils who have not attended the activity they were signed up to. You have the option to filter by date range, house and form. This will then pull a report together which includes the date, pupil information, activity details, staff, register details and the reason the pupil has been excused (if any). From here, you can export the report to Word and Excel and also email pupils.

3. Full Attendance Status Report – please see our help article here.

4. Daily Dismissal Report – When setting the activity rules, you have the option to tick ‘Record Dismissal.’ This will allow you to create this report so that you can see which pupils have not been dismissed.

5. Daily Participation - The Daily Participation Report gives you a full overview of pupil participation for a given day and time. You can see which pupils attended activities on any day at any time.

6. Pupils who are under-subscribed – This report will pull together a list of the pupils who are not taking part in a specific number of activities. You can filter by term, year group, activity and have the option to “Show pupils with fewer than ‘3’ activity clubs.”

7. Pupils who are over-subscribed – This report will show you the same details as above, except this report is used for those who might be taking part in more activities than the school recommends.

8. Pupil login stats – This will allow you to monitor pupil login frequency. It will show the date of the last login and the number of logins.

9. Weekly Participation Report - The Weekly Participation Report gives you a full overview of pupil participation for a given week. The report can be filtered by term, year group, form or house.

10. Activity Club Billing - The Activity Club Billing Report consolidates the attendance record of students who have attended an activity that carries a cost. When an activity is set up or edited, a cost attribute can be set. These costs can be attributed to the activity either per term, or per session. The Activity Club Billing Report shows the cost that each student has incurred for an activity where a cost has been added. For the per session costs to be accurate, a register must have been taken. The Activity Club Billing Report can be filtered by term, year group and category.


Staff Reports

1. Daily Participation – Similar to the pupil participation, this report will allow you to see which members of staff are leading activities.

2. Participation Overview – This report will create a summary of what activities all staff members are taking part in. 


Activity Club Reports

1. Incomplete Register Report – This report shows any events where the number of pupils on the register is greater than the number of pupils who have had their attendance recorded. You can use this report to email staff who have not taken their register.

2. Activity Club Pupil Participation – This will allow you to see a list of clubs and see which pupils are taking part. You can filter by term, category and activity club.

3. Activity Club Staff Participation – Similarly, you can also view the staff associated with each club.

4. Over-subscribed Activity Clubs – This will indicate which activity clubs have too many pupils. This is a good indicator of the most popular clubs.

5. Under-subscribed Activity Clubs – Similar to above, this report will show the opposite – the clubs with least pupil sign-ups.