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SOCS Sport Participation Report

Participation reports are generated automatically from your sports, teams and fixtures which have team sheets. There are two ways to view the participation data for your school: by Year Group & Pupils or by Sports & Teams. If you choose to view the data by year group and pupils, you are able to view each year group, and drill down the participation data for individual pupils.

For each pupil you will be able to see data such as the following:

  • the number of sports played;
  • the number of teams played for;
  • the number of fixtures played in.


You can also export a more detailed report to Word or Excel by clicking the icons below:

This will provide you with the following details for each pupil:

  • the sport the pupil participated in;
  • the team the pupil played for; 
  • the fixture's opponent; 
  • the date of the fixture.