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Adding Block Fixtures

To save time, you can add block fixtures. This is a fixture where multiple teams play the same opponent school on the same date.

Follow these steps to add a block fixture:

1. Login to SOCS sport

2. Select Sports & Teams, Fixtures & Results in the left-hand menu

3. Select the sport from the list

4. Select the "Add Block Fixture" button

5. Find the opponent.  There are 3 options:
• Option 1. Every time you add a fixture against a new opponent it will be added to the list where you can select it without searching again.
• Option 2. Use this option to search for a new opponent.
• Option 3. Use this option if the name of your opponent cannot be found (is not listed) or your team is playing in a competition, tournament, gala or festival or any other event against one or more schools.

6. Select the season.

7. Set the fixture date and enter fixture details.  These can be added/edited at a later date if unknown.

8. Tick the teams involved in the block fixture.

9. Select Save.